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To: US House of Representatives

President Donald J. Trump: "Either Work or YOU ARE FIRED"

Write a Congressional Letter to President Trump requesting that he either WORK with the incoming Biden-Harris presidential team or respectfully resign.

Why is this important?

The rationale is pointed out in "Let Us Make Them the Last Two Lies"

President Trump says he won the election. This is a lie.

The second lie with which he justifies the first is that he lost because of a huge "Democrat" conspiracy theory.

It is this second lie that is truly dangerous, because it is believed by a large majority of his followers and they will believe it long after he is gone.

The legitimacy of our electoral process is at stake. The existence of our democratic republic is at stake. Which other means do we have to ascertain the will of the people but our vote?

Besides, there is important urgent work to be done. People are dying because of President Trump's antics and those of his violent followers. People are unnecessarily suffering because of them. People's lives are being unjustly threatened because of them.

Gabriel Sterling, the voting systems implementation manager for the Georgia secretary of state's office, a Republican, addressing President Trump at a press conference has stated: "It's all gone too far... stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. Someone's going to get hurt, someone's going to get shot, someone's going to get killed, and it's not right."

"Be the bigger man here and stop -- step in," Sterling added. "Tell your supporters, don't be violent, don't intimidate. All that's wrong, it's un-American."

Dangerous issues of national security also call for President Trump's immediate removal.



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My Petition Is Now at the Core of Our National Discussion

See, for instance, Carl Bernstein: This is the ultimate smoking gun tape at

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