To: President Donald Trump

President Obama, allow the EPA to raise air quality standards.

President Obama,
We urge you to reconsider your recent decision to retain weaker air pollution standards. You should allow the EPA to strengthen these standards. Do not yield to the pro pollution lobby. High environmental standards are good for the economy and essential for the health of the people.

Why is this important?

As a result of heavy industry lobbying, the Obama administration decided not to allow the EPA to strengthen air quality standards. Lobbyists claimed that higher air quality standards would hurt the economy. The administration agreed to retain the weaker Bush administration standards.


Reasons for signing

  • Living in a steel industry city, we live with incredible soot, already. The additional soon to be built coke plant will release methane as its byproduct and the effects of that on the community's health will be determined long after I am gone. Please, pay attention. If we, as citizens do not save the environment, we will not have to worry about killing eachother.
  • President Obama, please do the right thing.
  • Dear Mr. President, please reconsider!