To: President Donald Trump

President Obama: Make Your Legacy Banning Assault Weapons

Stop our children from dying in huge numbers. Ban private ownership of assault weapons NOW!

Why is this important?

In 912 days after Sandy Hook, there were 998 mass shootings. Kids are dying. It must stop. Assault weapons are not for personal defense, they are for mass murder or war. The founding fathers had single shot muskets and never imagined individuals armed with assault weapons. Stop mass killings.


Reasons for signing

  • I voted for President Barack Obama. I am voting for Hillary Clinton. I support gun control, longer wait periods, and am against automatic guns along with assault rifles. Robin O. Cochran
  • powerful weapons belong only in war zone. Let the victims have a fighting chance or a chance to run. Every second matters in this situations and those weapons don't give you any break.
  • While the terrible events in Orlando have received (quite correctly) huge press coverage, in just the week since that horrible event, 207 others (more than 4-times the deaths in Orlando) have died in the US from gun violence. This is NUTS!! Why does the 2nd Amendment take priority over all others -- like the 1st?