To: President Donald Trump

President Obama: Protect a Leatherback Turtle Sanctuary

Please declare the "Playa Grande - El Unico" Beach in Dorado, PR as a Natural Reserve by Federal Law

Why is this important?

Volunteers of the non-profit organization Chelonia have been working with Puerto Rico Natural Resources Department to clean, patrol, document and preserve the nesting area and the newborn turtles on this beach.
We are facing several problems such as hazardous waste disposal, horses, four tracks and vehicles passing over the turtle nests and compacting the sand which causes a collapse to the nests. PR Natural Resources Department has supported us, and as a result of this joint initiative the registered nests have risen from more than 320 in 2012 to almost 600 in 2014 season; so we know that if a Natural Reserve is declared by Federal Law, this could enforce the respect and protection of this natural wonder.


Reasons for signing

  • I love turtles and one day I want to have a turtle someday.
  • One step towards ensuring some safety net around a species in peril means further measures can be more easily broached. Please protect this land for the people of Puerto Rico and the world.
  • Protection of sea turtles helps locals understand the wonders and benefits of these magnificent sea creatures.