To: President Donald Trump, Rep. David Loebsack (IA-2), Sen. Joni Ernst (IA-2), The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

President Obama Said He Would Never Cut Medicare & Now He IS

When President Obama was campaigning he told the American people, Seniors, he would not cut Medicare. I was outraged when I heard on the news last night about his budget he will be proposing that there is going to be a severe MediCare cuts.

This cannot happen. MediCare hardly pays anything the way it is. All you seniors and all you people who are receiving Social Security Disability like I am, should be outraged over this. We cannot let this happen. I'm calling on all of you to stand behind me and sign this petition to tell President Obama no cuts to MediCare and tell President Obama to not cave to the freshman tea party Republicans, the Speaker, Eric Cantor and all the other Republicans in the house.

Why is this important?

Tell President Obama no cuts to MediCare for his budget plan. He told the American people when he campaigned he would not make cuts to MediCare and Social Security.