To: President Donald Trump

Stop Military Assistance to Saudi Arabia until there is a Peace Agreement in Yemen

Dear President Obama,

Earlier this month your administration made continued military aid to Saudi Arabia conditional on maintaining a ceasefire in Yemen. Tragically, this has not happened and it is time for the United States to keep its word and withhold military assistance until there is a peace agreement and the fighting has stopped.

While we understand the relationship with Saudi Arabia is complicated, it must be based on shared values and goals, and the protection of civilian life and human rights should be non-negotiable. Taking action now will not only allow us to protect human life but will make clear America’s commitment to upholding international law.

We ask you to suspend military aid and assistance to Saudi Arabia until they find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Yemen. The US cannot afford to become further entangled in a conflict that is indiscriminately attacking civilians and subverting the values Americans hold dear. Please act today.

Why is this important?

Earlier this month the Obama administration said continuing military assistance hinged on Saudi Arabia accepting a ceasefire in Yemen.

The ceasefire has come and gone and after just a few short days, the Saudis have returned to bombing civilians. This is unacceptable. It is time for us to make good on our threat to suspend lethal aid.