To: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump

President Trump: Don't tamper with the 2020 Census!

The Constitution states that "all people" must be counted for the census, not just citizens. This is an attempt to subvert the census for blatantly political reasons. We need to stop it. Please sign the petition.

Why is this important?

The Trump administration wants to rush in a question [1] about citizenship status during the national census. Guess where they got the idea? From infamous Trump adviser Kris Kobach, who represents anti-immigrant hate groups.

Of all the ways democracy is threatened by Donald Trump, an unfair and inaccurate census could have the most dramatic long-term impact on public services and congressional district borders. Inaccurate census counts give an unfair share of funding and representation to low-density, rural areas, which is why a bipartisan group of 161 mayors wrote the administration to plead that they not tamper with the census questions and risk an inaccurate count. [3]

The more people who are afraid [4] to talk to a census taker -- either because of their own immigration status or that of someone else in the household -- the fewer congress members, the less federal money for schools and other public services, our bustling urban areas will get. States like Texas [5] and California will be very hard hit, as well as every large city, in any state.

Sign today to join the chorus and make them hear us. Tell Wilbur Ross to do his job and serve the American people, all of us, not just extremists in the Republican Party.

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