To: President Donald Trump

Presidential Medal of Freedom for Morris Dees

Why is this important?

Morris Dees founded and still directs the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are dedicated to education about hate and racism, in addition to prosecuting hate groups.

I have started a petition for this honor for Mr. Dees at
Please to the link to sign the petition.


Reasons for signing

  • I have long admired Mr. Dees and the courage he has shown throughout his career at the SPLC. As an African American woman attending Indiana University, Bloomington in the late 1970s, I was warned time and again where not to stop to get gas on the way to Indianapolis because of the KKK. I don't know if they were members of the UKA, but I'm confident that Mr. Dees' success in bringing them down will help ensure that future generations of African Americans in Indiana will not need to hear the ...
  • He deserves it from President Obama
  • Few people can deserve it more than he. He is the kind of lawyer I wish I had become.