To: Federal Communications Commission

Prevent a "Trump TV" Takeover

I do not support an FCC handout to Sinclair Broadcast Group—a pro-Trump media outlet—especially, if it means the company will own access to 70% of the United States' population. I urge the FCC to block a Sinclair-Tribune buyout and reinstate policies that allow for a free press and a diversity of opinions.

Why is this important?

If Sinclair Broadcasting Group's plan to buy Tribune Media, Co. is successful, the reach of its racist news coverage will be dramatically increased. This is about protecting freedom of the press and standing against corporate consolidation of our local news outlets. Sinclair has a blatant history of Islamophobia, allowing its newscasters to make racist statements everyday in its uniform "Terrorism Alert Desk," which has notably used Muslims as synonymous with terrorists in its reports. The Terrorism Alert Desk is a Sinclair "must-run" that is produced centrally by the company and airs every single day across Sinclair outlets, whether or not there is something to report on.


Reasons for signing

  • Please block this,
  • I do not support it.
  • Sinclair controls 7 of the over the air broadcasts in the Baltimore region. As someone who does not have cable, that leaves me with 3 outlets to present other views. That is a monopoly and needs to be stopped.

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