To: The Utah State Senate and Governor Gary R. Herbert

Privatize Liquor Sales in Utah

Privatize liquor sales in Utah! We don't want to be controlled anymore!

Why is this important?

Privatize Liquor sales in utah


Reasons for signing

  • More revenue to the state if the liquor business if privatized and more choice for the consumer. Why not free enterprise?
  • Time to get out of the 1950s with the economically unfeasible, tourist-diverting, and freedom-limiting alcohol laws. Let freedom of choice be to the individual.
  • The State of Utah is obviously not doing a good job managing the liquor business - they closed many of their profitable stores and are limiting the economic benefit restaurants and other businesses can provide by restricting liquor licenses. I agree with the comment that assuming we are unable to make our own choices is disrespectful. The world has changed - Utah has changed! The laws need to change with it.