To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Protect America's Wolves!

President Obama and his first Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, a Colorado rancher, adopted unjust and heartless "tea party" policies toward America's wolves, and the U.S. Congress is equally guilty in this ecological and ethical injustice. Wolves are highly intelligent, native, and vital natural predators that belong on the land. Too many brutish ranchers and misguided hunters have unfairly demonized and maligned wolves for centuries. An American majority wants an end to the demonization and massacre of America's wolves and other native wildlife.

Why is this important?

Wolves are native, ecologically vital and beautiful members of the North American landscape. Wherever they live, wolves are remarkable, natural predators who keep their prey species healthy and strong. Wolves have been persecuted and massacred for centuries due to human ignorance, intolerance, and cruelty. It is the very opposite of the respect, admiration and protection they deserve. Wolves are highly social and very intelligent beings and, like all canines, they are loyal and loving to their families.

As the late and most dedicated Alaska wolf field scientist Gordon Haber observed, if humans were as loving and devoted to their families as wolves are to their families, the world would be a much better place.

Brutally persecuting and killing such ecologically vital, sensitive, intelligent and family-oriented beings should be labeled what it is: heartless animal abuse and criminal slaughter. In this modern era, with our deeper understanding of ecology and the inter-connected circle of life, the magic of biodiversity and amidst growing compassion towards all wild beings, to perpetrate such brutality and unjustified killing of wolves and other natural predators is hugely unethical and ecologically criminal. This unacceptable, horrid killing stands in blatant contradiction to the expressed desires of the wildlife respecting and conservation supporting majority of American citizens and decent people from around the world.

Shame on Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Alaska. The ignorant, anti-ecology wolf haters in these states are a disgrace to the entire country, as are the politicians who are in bed with them. For example, corrupt and backward Idaho state officials have allowed a wolf killing contest there and have also hired a wildlife killer to slaughter two wolf families living deep in the vast Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness. Are Idaho wolf haters and politicians, and the persecutors and killers in other states as well, so lacking in decency and humility that they dare to tell the Creator He made a mistake by creating wolves? And they are correcting His mistakes? Vital and beautiful, wild and free wolves are not safe anywhere in Idaho, and that is a great sin against Creation. Idaho caters to animal abusers, wildlife persecutors and destroyers and provides one of the best examples of why America's wolves must be placed back on the Endangered Species List everywhere in the country.

Too many cattle ranchers perpetuate deadly, hysterical myths and ridiculous exaggerations about depredation of cattle by wolves, which is statistically insignificant in every state. Wolves much prefer their wild prey. For instance, in the huge state of Montana, there are 2,500,000 non-native cattle. Tens of thousands of cattle in Montana die every year due to weather, disease, birth complications and from eating poison plants, for which ranchers receive zero compensation. In 2011, the US Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed only 74 cattle taken by wolves in the entire state. 74 out of 2,500,000... that is statistically nearly zero! And Montana ranchers are foolishly compensated for such tiny losses. The depredation statistics are similarly tiny in nearby Idaho and Wyoming. Yet, so many cattlemen constantly scheme and pressure federal and state politicians to kill wolves.

Cattlemen should no longer dictate federal wildlife policy out West, as they have for so long. Many ranchers refuse to adopt proven, non-lethal methods to control the very tiny losses they experience from wolves. Instead, cattlemen are addicted to a culture of killing and having control over whatever it is they want to destroy. It's the same arrogance and brutality that earlier destroyed Native American people and massacred native wildlife throughout the continent. Decent Americans should no longer allow such brutality to be the American way anywhere. It is shameful and unacceptable that any supposedly decent American politician would listen to such destructive schemers and then serve their cruel, unjust, and immoral demand that innocent wolves be condemned to death.

Isn't it time the United States finally atoned for causing such brutal destruction to both native people and native wildlife, instead of allowing such monstrous cruelty to continue? Instead of more persecution and killing, this country should create, without delay, a Peace Corps initiative to help heal Native Americans who suffer greatly from ill health, suicide and despondency; and to heal and restore native wildlife, all of whom deserve to live in peace, at last, in what is their native homeland, too.

Until this needed change comes, past mistakes are repeated again and again within a broken system. To add massive insult to injury, the ranchers' non-native cattle graze on federal taxpayer subsidized public lands that belong to all Americans, land that should be a haven for America's vital wolves and other native wildlife, including native bison, grizzly bears, mountain lions, prairie dogs, wolverines, coyotes and so many other amazing members of the continent's rich natural heritage. The massive numbers of non-native cattle grazing unsupervised throughout the arid West cause tremendous damage trampling across fragile ecosystems where they do not belong. The cattleman's reign of terror against the wildlife and wild lands of the United States must permanently come to an end. And let it begin now by saying 'No More' to the federal tax-payer subsidized 'welfare ranchers' unrelenting campaign of the demonization and slaughter of America's wolves and their families.

There are decent ranchers who respect native wildlife, including wolves, and who have adopted proven, responsible and humane measures to co-exist with them. These good and decent people are to be commended and supported, it's just that there are not enough of them.

Ecologically ignorant hunters, selfish hunting outfitters, and sadistic trappers relentlessly ...