To: Huntington Park Historic Preservation Commission, Rosa Perez, Mayor, Karina Macias, Vice Mayor, Mario Gomez, Council Member, Ofelia Hernandez, Council Member, Valentin P. Amezcuita, Council Member, Julio Morales, City Manager, and Albert...

Protect and Preserve the Historic Huntington Park Warner Theatre

We are asking the City Council, Planners and Historical Commission to make special provisions to: 1. Protect the interior of the theatre from being gutted the and original seats from being removed and 2. Utilize this space for the community as a performing arts venue of sorts, non-profit or otherwise where the existing main stage and indoor auditorium with all original historical factors being preserved.

Why is this important?

To preserve the historic art deco features of this beautiful palace and to extend and/or ensure the Historic Ordinance and provisions preserve the original features of the interior from being altered and/or removed.

Architect: B. Marcus Priteca, who also designed the Pantages (later Warner) downtown, the Warner Beverly Hills, the Warner Grand in San Pedro and the Pantages in Hollywood. Priteca was a Seattle based architect who designed hundreds of theatres all over the country.
-Los Angeles Movie Palaces

Built in 1930, this was the first of three theatre designs Priteca executed for the Warner Brothers chain.
-Pacific Coast Architecture Database at the Architecture and Urban Planning Library, University of Washington, Seattle


Reasons for signing

  • Stop stealing our land
  • I believe we have enough shopping centers and not so many venues that support the local arts. This is one of the few original and historical landmarks left in the county, that can be utilized in a much more productive way to help build the community toward another form of entertainment. I believe it would be much more efficient if this landmark evades the possibility of becoming another retailer.
  • Seriously, this vintage theater is one of the very few classic nice older building that still exists in this city, it can be restored & saved. It is something the residents of Huntington Park residents can be proud of. No other city has one like ours close by. Make it like the other Warner Theater in San Pedro. Just because this city is latino-populated now does not mean that EVERYTHING on Pacific Blvd should look like garbage and be nothing but crappy retail stores with crappy items being s...