To: The Mississippi State House and Governor Phil Bryant

Protect Free Speech in Mississippi

We urge all Mississippi lawmakers to oppose S.B. 2473 and S.B. 2653. These bills not only would restrict the free speech rights of Mississippians to protest, they would criminalize peaceful demonstrations outside corporations or CEOs' homes.

We need lawmakers to focus on real solutions to our jobs crisis, not push bills that take away our basic right to free speech. Again, please vote NO on S.B. 2473 and S.B. 2653.

Why is this important?

Extreme lawmakers in the Mississippi legislature are pushing bills designed to intimidate and criminalize those who would engage in peaceful protest activities, such as picketing or demonstrations, outside corporations or the houses of CEOs.

These bills—SB 2473 and SB 2653—have already passed the Senate and would have a chilling effect on anyone who tried to stand up for economic and social justice in Mississippi. They would restrict MIssissippians’ ability to participate in protests to hold corporations accountable for treating workers badly or polluting the environment.

Instead of trying to take away the constitutional rights of Mississippians, our legislators should be focused on creating jobs. Tell Mississippi lawmakers to vote NO on these bills.