To: Curt Melcher, Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and President Donald Trump

Protect gray wolves from killings by Wildlife Services

Wildlife Services is a standalone federal extermination program run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture that kills roughly 4 million animals per year, including wolves, grizzly bears, otters, foxes, coyotes, and birds. Just weeks after our landmark courtroom victory against Wildlife Services in Washington state, we have filed another lawsuit challenging its authority to kill any of the 110 gray wolves remaining in Oregon. With Oregon's wolf population just beginning to recover, we cannot allow an out-of-control federal agency to play any role in managing these threatened animals. Please join us in condemning the shameful killings of Wildlife Services and demanding that it be held accountable to the law.

Why is this important?

Western Environmental Law Center is a nonprofit, public-interest environmental law firm. Our expert attorneys are ready to use the full power of the law and the courts to protect wolves. In December 2015 we won a case (Cascadia Wildlands v. Woodruff) that prohibits Wildlife Services from killing Washington’s wolves. Join us in extending these protections to wolves in Oregon!


Reasons for signing

  • Biologssts have shown in Yellowstone and Isle Royal that wolves are a necessary part of the ecosystem------and that numbers of prey do not diminish for human hunters outside NP We must use science to justify control measures which this does not, and we need to move from the viewpoint of predators needing to be killed to seeing their importance and value and protection
  • Wolves are one of the most important part in our natural ecosystem, and we must save this precious wild animals now. The horrific killing of wolves need to End once and for all!!
  • It is inhuman to kill everything on Earth! It is is our precious planet!