To: Janet Siddiqui, Chairman of the Board and Renee Foose, Superintendent

Protect HCPSS Para-educator Positions!

The citizens, parents and staff of HCPSS want to preserve school based staff who directly support student instruction and academic success. Stop the proposed elimination of secondary library media staff and kindergarten para-educator positions in the proposed FY16 budget.

Why is this important?

Please make your concerns with school based staffing cuts in HCPSS known prior to the Board of Education's public hearing on the proposed FY16 budget on February 3rd. HCPSS's commitment to school based staffing is one of the vital keys to our students' success!


Reasons for signing

  • It is incredulous you are putting money into a non essential elementary school foriegn language program and removing essential paraeducators from the media centers at the high and middle levels. I strongly disagree.
  • These teachers are important too!!!
  • Stop this from happening it's wrong!

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