To: Ty Booth, Pierce County Planning

Protect Land Around Mount Rainier National Park

Revoke the permit for Mount Rainier Resort at Park Junction (conditional use permit CP5-96).

Why is this important?

Developers are hoping to build a massive resort near the Nisqually entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. The impacts of this project on the environment and local communities are damaging and should be stopped. We believe the developer's permit should be revoked.


Reasons for signing

  • Inappropriate scale, in my opinion, for the proposed development. This might be a good idea for someone somewhere but not at “Sacanties Meadow”. It appears that the environmental review documents are now outdated and, at the very least, need updating to meet current conditions.
  • This resort does not meet the definition of a destination resort in Pierce County, and does not meet current zoning. The developers are planning a destination resort even though they are labeling it something else. The resort would negatively impact the visitor experience to our 5th oldest national park. There is no transportation system in place to handle the surge of visitors from this resort. I appose the development of the resort and the county should go back and look at the public comm...
  • Save small town America

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