To: North Braddock Council

Protect North Braddock PA From Fracking

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Keep fracking out of North Braddock. It's not here yet, and we don't want it. The long term risk of harm to our community is not worth the short-sighted promise of money.

Why is this important?

In 2014, residents of North Braddock were approached to lease their land for gas development. Fracking began to be seen and promoted by some as the cure for our borough's struggling financial issues. In response, some of us banded together to form a community group, North Braddock Residents For Our Future. We already have steel mill pollution to contend with, and do not want another industrial operation near our homes. We have seen the harm that fracking has brought to communities all over Pennsylvania. We want to find ways to bring positive and lasting change to our borough and we want to tell our local government, we say YES to our health and safety, and NO to fracking in North Braddock.