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To: U.S. Corporations and Businesses

Protect Our Right to Vote

Protect Our Right to Vote

Recently, multiple U.S. corporations--including Delta and Coca-Cola--have signaled their displeasure with the anti-democratic voting restriction legislation being passed across the country. It's time for U.S. corporations to put their money where their mouth is: cut off all political donations to any politician who supports voting restrictions.

Why is this important?

We live in a fragile democracy whose outcome is too often determined by gerrymandered districts and dark money that fuels political campaigns. We're not stupid; we the people understand that elections in the United States are fueled by political donations, large and small. But right now, we are facing an unprecedented threat to our democracy. Voting restriction legislation is being passed to make voting more difficult while also providing less oversight of the outcomes. These measures are moving us closer to an authoritarian system that silences as many people as possible.

We need U.S. corporations and businesses to stand with us during this perilous time. Public statements are NOT enough. Today, we call on the business community--large and small--to publicly denounce these new voter restrictions and make absolutely clear: NO POLITICAL DONATIONS to any legislator who votes in favor of limiting a citizen's right to vote in ANY way whatsoever.



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