To: The Wisconsin State House and The Wisconsin State Senate

Protect Our School Children's Right to Bathroom Privacy and Dignity STOP Bill LRB 2643/1

STOP Bill LRB 2643/1.The legislators introducing the bill say it's about safety, but it's actually about discrimination. It sets Wisconsin schools - and the state itself- at odds with recent guidance from the U.S. Department of Education around Title IX. Title IX has been clearly defined to prohibit discrimination against transgender students. In the nearly 60 Wisconsin school districts that follow best practices, no incidents have been reported of a non-transgender student being harassed. All this bill does is single out transgender and intersex students for increased scrutiny and harassment, directly jeopardizing their safety.

Why is this important?

"What Republican legislators here in Wisconsin and elsewhere who are introducing gender-policing bathroom bills want to do is reverse the modest degree of social progress trans people have made. They are standing on the side of hate, and their victims are the children, teens and adults who really need protection."


Reasons for signing

  • stop it! why discriminate against trans, intersex, and nonbinary gender people? thats not right. title ix prohibits discrimination against people of all genders. gender binary is a myth and there is no way to have gender segregation bathrooms. please have more gender neutral bathrooms. stop policing people of all genders now. disallow perverts, rapists, and pedophiles from using the bathroom not trans, intersex, and nonbinary gender people. trans and nonbinary gender people did not cause prob...
  • I must pass on the School Children's Rights to Bathroom Privacy and Dignity Stop Bill.
  • I believe we should let our transgender community let them use the bathroom that they are the comfortable with if they changed into a boy we should let them use the boys bathroom and vice Verda