To: President Donald Trump, The Arizona State House, The Arizona State Senate, Governor Doug Ducey, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Protect Solar Energy

The Koch brothers, Governor Brewer, and their ilk are crusading to eclipse solar and green energy, even endeavoring to tax the use of the sun itself! If they think they are in command of the solar system, then we have truly lost our voice on the planet. This earthling appeals to your sensibilities to stand up to them in support of solar and green energies.

Why is this important?

Solar is a renewable, non-polluting energy source, yet again the Koch Bros show their hubris by their campaigns to quash our Sun's potential. I have lived in homes with Solar, and everyone should have this choice with political support instead of suppression and taxation.


Reasons for signing

  • Go green or get off this planet.
  • Arizona is blessed with abundant sunshine and clean, clear air - perfect for solar energy. Solar produces maximum power just when the demand for electricity is at its greatest - perfect for Arizona. There is no valid reason to inhibit the use of solar. The only reason to try to inhibit solar is greed. Do the right thing for Arizona, the country and the world.
  • I can't believe that Trump has made solar panels more expensive just when I was about to install them. Solar is a growing industry and source of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Did he do this just because he doesn't believe that climate is changing?

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