To: Governor Gavin Newsom

Protect The Wolves on ESA

Put the wolves back on the ESA and stop the hunt against the wolves, they mean and done no harm besides to survive. Wolves need to eat as well as we do, so why can't they? So they are hunting the elks but they need to survive. The more the hunters kill members of a pack, the less members they have the less likely not to go for there main food like elk, moose which drives then to attack cattle or livestocs. It is the same for lone wolves, rabbits and rodents doesn't satisfy it and can't bring down large game, so it turns to cattle. I urge you to stop this killing of the wolves and end this crisis also back on the ESA.

Why is this important?

The wolf had been around for many years, but now they will not be around in this world. The wolf had been stripped of from the Endanger Species Act (ESA) recently. After they been listed off from the program many hunters and other people hunt and kill these animals for there complaint about hurting the elks, moose, deer population also attacking livestock in the result of hunting the wolves. These killings are now affecting the wolves pack social structure, thus in totaling 1,859 wolves were killed and now in some areas where wolves live are decreasing and probably eradicate all the wolves. including wolf pups. The Mexican Grey Wolf is critically endangered and the Red Wolf which hunting is going on these two wolves won't survive much longer. I urge you to place them back on the (ESA) to fully protect the wolves from further harm and facing extinction.


Reasons for signing

  • Respect our wildlife or this world cannot exist without them
  • Put the wolves back on the ESA and stop the hunt against the wolves, they mean and done no harm besides to survive.. Thank you
  • A nation is judged on how it treat it's animals.

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