To: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Protect Vets From Losing Care Due to Bad Paper

Congress must introduce legislation to protect veterans from being denied life-saving care they have earned for injuries and illnesses sustained in service.

Why is this important?

My name is Josh Christmon and I am a Purple Heart recipient and U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran who served in Iraq.

You can see my story here :

Vets like myself are coming home with PTSD and physical injuries and are in need of medical care and disability benefits. But the military’s practice of considering symptoms of PTSD and TBI to be misconduct, instead of symptoms of medical conditions that require treatment, are stripping vets of the benefits they have earned.

In my case, when I returned home from Iraq, I smoked marijuana once as a way to escape my PTSD. Instead of getting medical treatment for my conditions, I was given an Other than Honorable discharge. This left me unemployed, without benefits, and without needed medical care for the injuries sustained during my time in Iraq.


Reasons for signing

  • It should be illegal that a chain of command holds the power to commit the most insidious crimes such as rape, and when a rape victim speaks up they are discharged because the power the rapist has is not to just be the judge, but also the juror, and the evidence collector. In the civilian world you would never have such a flawed process because it's so easy to see why that inherent system design is flawed to give rapists all the benefits and rape victims silence, shame, or suicide.
  • As a Marine this nonsense has and is still affecting my life. I've been turned down for work because of bad paperwork all for minor infractions.
  • I would like the OTH discharge to go away. It is redundant and only hurts otherwise helpless veterans that desperately need medical treatment.