To: Summer Stephan, San Diego County District Attorney

Protect Victim's Rights - Stop the Release of a Sexually Violent Predator

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office must file an appeal of the decision by Judge David Gill (June 4, 2018) on the matter of the release of Alvin Ray Quarles (aka: The Bolder than Most Rapist) from treatment at Coalinga State Hospital , on the grounds that provisions of Marsy’s law [California Constitution, Article I, Section 28(b) Penal Code Section 679.026)] were not met.

Why is this important?

Per Marsy's Law [California Constitution, Article I, Section 28(b) Penal Code Section 679.026), the rights of the victim's were denied in this court hearing; they were not given advance notice of these proceedings (section 7) and they were denied the right to be heard before this matter was decided (section 8). This invalidates the court's decision and the case must be re-tried.


Reasons for signing

  • Many inmates come out of prison worse then before because of the stress in the facilities, so I do believe that he will continue where he left off even with being monitored. I think we are taking a big risk that us San Diegans are going have to pay for and we should not let that happen if we care about our community.
  • All rapists should be behind bars.
  • He will be housed with in 3mils of my home.