To: The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and Governor J.B. Pritzker

Protect Video Gaming In Illinois

Stop the proposed tax increase on small businesses with video gaming. Help show them our Power in Numbers.

Why is this important?

Illinois Video Gaming is one of the most advanced, entertaining and successful industries of its kind in the entire country. WE STRONGLY URGE THAT THE CURRENT LAWS AND RULES STAY THE SAME. Over the last three years, it has generated double-digit INCREASES in TAX receipts for STATE and LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The main reason for its unprecedented success is currently being threatened in the State Capitol. We call upon the Governor and the leaders in the State Legislature to form a task force to fully evaluate any proposed changes that would disrupt this burgeoning industry and leading funding source to the Illinois Capital Projects Fund -- the source dedicated to adequately funding the repair and reconstruction of the state’s crumbling roads, bridges and schools. The task force should be comprised of interested stakeholders, should hold hearings throughout the State, should solicit input from the public, and should publicize its findings widely.

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