To: Co-authors of SB 1100

Protect Your Zoning Rights

We the undersigned citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania demand the resignation of: Scarnati, Corman, Browne, Vogel, Smucker, D. White, Ware, Brubaker, Pippy, Mensch and Yaw co-authors of SB 1100 Session of 2011 "REFERRED TO ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY, May 16, 2011" Their "One size fits all" Model Zoning Ordinance strips municipalities of their right to create and enforce zoning laws to preserve clean air, clean water, to protect local citizens from harm and to receive restitution for damages incurred or if not in compliance with foreign and domestic gas interests preferences, be penalized.

Why is this important?

SB 1100 of Session 2011 introduced by Joe Scarnatti, in order to expedite gas extraction gives foreign and domestic gas interests authority over American municipalities' zoning rights. This is treasonous legislation.