To: John P. Bilbrey, CEO Hersheys

Protest Hersheys Lawsuit against British Chocolate Importers

Support LBB and ALL Brit businesses in the U.S. by protesting Hershey's actions.

Why is this important?

Hershey Co, the American chocolate giant have filed lawsuits against British importers LBB Imports LLC (Let’s Buy British), and Posh Nosh Imports accusing the companies of infringing multiple trademarks.
So, if one of your weaknesses comes in the shape of a Toffee Crisp, Maltesers, Yorkie, Cadbury, or Rolo your taste buds may soon be challenged.


Reasons for signing

  • Hershey has no right to block importing KitKat. You can’t force me to eat your crappy version. I haven’t bought any Hershey KitKat in over 15 years now and I won’t buy it even if you block the real KitKat from being imported.
  • The Hershey lawsuit is unAmerican and goes against consumer choice and capitalist free-trade
  • This should be illegal. Consumers should have the choice to choose what type of chocolate they want to eat. Hershey can't create this monopoly on chocolate.