To: Kurt Newman, MD, President Children's National Medical Center, Ramu Potarazu, Secretary-Treasurer, Evan Jones, Vice Chairman, Mark Batshaw, Children's Hospital, Elizabeth Flury, Children's Hospital, Denice Cora-Bramble, Children's Hospit...


Children's Hospital Center is contracting with Douglas Development Corporation to build a parking garage directly behind Comcast near the Brookland Metro Station in Washington, DC's Ward 5. This project will bring thousands of additional cars and shuttle buses to our already congested residential neighborhood.

More cars will mean increased traffic, increased pollution and will threaten pedestrian safety.
The garage will operate 24 hours a day and is slated to provide parking for Children’s Hospital employees as well as “pay to park” hourly spots. It is estimated that this garage will add up to 3,000 additional cars and shuttle buses per day – snarling traffic, spewing pollution and threatening pedestrian safety in our residential neighborhood.

The garage will be for Children’s Hospital Corporation not Brookland residents. Advisory Neighborhood Association members in the area closest to the proposed garage voted unanimously to oppose the garage.
If you are concerned about this project and are worried about increased traffic, air pollution and community safety please join us in asking Children’s Hospital to pull out of the deal and DUMP THE GARAGE CONTRACT!

Why is this important?

Perry Place Neighbors are joining together to stop the development of a garage in our small family oriented community. We have schools nearby and many children who play in parks near the proposed garage. Like in many other urban areas our children suffer from respiratory ailments, like asthma which will be made worse by the huge influx of cars to the proposed garage.