To: Judge Cornelia Clark, Chief Justice, LIfepoint Hospitals, John J. Dreyzehner, MD, MPH, Commissioner, Health Commisioner, The Tennessee State House, and The Tennessee State Senate

Racial discrimination in Medicine. Abuse of Peer Review

We request an immediate review of the actions, by the Supreme Court of Tennessee and independant panel of the State of Tennessee Medical Board and the Twenty First Judical district which violated due process and constitutional rights of Gursheel S. Dhillon MD, and determine if he was deprived of due process, his personal liberty, and property by state officials who acted illegally under the color of their authority.
This Petition is in the interest of the people of the State of Tennessee and the United States.

Why is this important?

The Tennessee Medical State Health Board, illegally recieved medical records and the Board Members conspired with Lifepoint Hospital to suspend my medical licence.
They used "experts' who were not qualified to be experts, because they themselves were under investegation, by the same medical board. Lifepoint Hospitals have allowed physicians who were hurting, maming and killing patients in order to keep profits up. Lifepoint Hospitals corrupt the government and use illegal process and any means necessary to eliminate competition.
The Medical board sent its investagators to my place of employment to harass me and my employers. In ten years of investegation they have not been able to come up with one case of negligence or malpractice! Their actions are totally illegal and the State Court and Supreme Court refuse to evaluate the lack of due process and illegality of the medical board. I have asked the State Attorney General to investegate,but get no response.My life has been destroyed because of my ethnicity and my objections to poor medical care at expense of poor people.
As a result I went through a divorce and the Judge who was corrupt incarcerated my attorney without trial, and then intimidated and coerced me, giving my ex-wife an asset to which she has no contribution and did not deserve under statutory law.
The twenty first judical district of Tennessee is corrupt and this has been voiced by an assistant District Attorney and other attorneys.