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Radiation Exposed Veteran's From Enewetak Atoll Denied Benefits And Awards

Should Radiation Exposed Veteran's from Enewetak Atoll Be Able To Receive Benefits for Disabilities and Awards Relating to Radiation Exposure that causes Cancer and Other Diseases Due to their Military Service When the U.S. Government Knew of the Hazards, and Kept the Truth from these Veteran's? Then Deniy Their Benefits?

Why is this important?

Veteran's exposed to radiation that have contracted several cancers, diseases and many health issues. Their families and offspring are also victims. We are grossly ignored by our government. We are off the list for service related disabilities, and have been awarded a Humanitarian medal, but we have to prove that we were there. 42 Nuclear weapons were tested on the Islands & will never be safe. Foreign Nationals and the Residents there have been compensated, but not the U.S. Troops.


Reasons for signing

  • Hope, for all involved
  • We ALL stand on the shoulders of Giants and it's the Right Thing To Do.
  • I know too many time we (GI's) are used for these types of jobs and are told very little and the general public know even less -- shame on the entire system for using us in this way with out our knowledge and then walking away


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