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To: PA Legislature

Radioactive Roads? No thanks!

Radioactive Roads? No thanks!

Vote NO on HB1144 and SB534 should either come up for a floor vote! They are dangerous bills that would set back the clock on environmental protection decades. The road spreading of toxic, radioactive waste on unpaved and paved roads will do irreversible damage to our environment and put the health of Pennsylvanians in peril.

Why is this important?

Two bills moving through the legislature, HB1144 and SB534, would roll back rules for conventional drillers in PA. Versions of these bills have failed in the past. This time, one especially concerning provision is worse than it was last time. The bills allow for the road spreading of drilling waste. Last time, it was proposed to be used as a dust suppressant on unpaved roads. This time, it could also be used on both unpaved and paved roads for road stablization, anti-icing, and de-icing.


Reasons for signing

  • Apparently Centralia and TMI weren't enough.
  • This is an environmental tragedy waiting to happen.
  • PA-DEP might object to this. It has objected to similar proposals. Has anybody brought PA-DEP into the loop?


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