To: The South Carolina State House, The South Carolina State Senate, and Governor Henry McMaster

Raise teacher salaries

It's egregious that as representatives of the people of
South Carolina you collectively continue to fail in support
of public education. You can make amends by
assuring that teachers receive competitive and
comprehensive compensation. Act!

Why is this important?

This is important for the future of our children.


Reasons for signing

  • Without teachers we wouldn’t have doctors, without teachers we wouldn’t have anything. They teach the people who will one day be the future so why are they paid so little? Teaching is an important and sometimes frustrating job if teachers are paid more they’ll be happier and will be able to make their students happier. A happy classroom is a learning classroom.
  • Teaching is the most important job in our society, yet it's arguably the most underappreciated carreer. This is completely absurd
  • Teachers deserve better