To: Joseph Threadcraft and Dr. Jennifer Federico, Director of Environmental Services, and Director of Animal Services

Raleigh, NC; Support Dr. Jennifer Federico, WCAC Animal Services Director

Join us in showing your support for Dr. Jennifer Federico!

Why is this important?

Independent animal rescues are calling for the resignation of Dr. Jennifer Federico. A week ago, Dr. Federico authorized the euthanization of 60 cats confiscated in a hoarding raid. Both sides agree that the 60 cats were ill and were suffering. The independent rescuers wanted the cats treated, but if that were to happen, then 60 cats in the shelter would have died. There is not unlimited space and resources for the animals in our community.

We are all in agreement that irresponsible pet ownership and lack of regulation on spaying and neutering are to blame. Our hope is that we can all join forces to work against that, instead of working against the people who are cleaning up the aftermath of this animal-overpopulation epidemic. Instead of criticizing the shelter and its staff, we can save animals by volunteering, fostering, and donating to the county shelter. Please join us in standing with Dr. Jennifer Federico.


Reasons for signing

  • I support this petition.
  • I would have done the same if I were in her shoes. Triage work is never easy; I admire her courage in making such a tough decision.
  • There are more animals than there are homes and not all homes are good ones. Humane euthanasia is a peaceful way out. SPAY AND NEUTER. THERE AREN"T ENOUGH HOMES FOR THEM ALL. and there isn't enough space in 'no kill' shelters. Where are they to go? Quality of life should account for something. I support Dr. Federico.

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