To: The United States Senate

@RandPaul: Block Private Property Thief David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel

Oppose the nomination of David Friedman to be U.S. ambassador to Israel. Friedman has participated in the government theft of private Palestinian land.

Why is this important?

An apartment building in a West Bank settlement was funded by an organization headed by David Friedman, President Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel. The building is financed by American Friends of Beit El Institutions, which Friedman chairs. American Friends of Beit El Institutions raised almost $667,000 for its Israeli counterpart, the Organization for the Sukkat Ovadia Yeshiva of Beit El. The Israeli organization funded construction projects on private Palestinian land. The projects were illegal under Israeli law. The planned apartment building is also to be built partly on private Palestinian land. [1] A recent bill passed by the Knesset which has drawn wide international condemnation seeks to retroactively legalize such theft; Israel's Attorney General has declared the bill to be unconstitutional, and many expect Israel's high court to overturn it.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has demonstrated unique ability to influence the Administration's foreign policy choices on nominees. On Feb. 7, Rand Paul declared his opposition to the expected nomination of Elliott Abrams as No. 2 in the State Department. [2] On Feb. 10, the idea of nominating Elliott Abrams was apparently killed. [3] All true conservatives should oppose the government theft of private property.

Urge Rand Paul and other Senators to oppose the nomination of private property thief David Friedman to be U.S. ambassador to Israel by signing our petition.