To: The New Mexico State House

Ratify Article the First!

We the undersigned petition our state representatives to move hastily in correcting one of the great, if not the greatest, threat to democracy, to the voice of the people being heard, the dilution of representation through population growth. This problem is so old, and has crept so quietly upon us, that few even realize it is at root of most all of our problems, be they local, state, federal, or international. While there is no one curative for this, we recognize that if the great State of New Mexico ratified Article the First it would be a down payment on a far bigger Federal House of Representatives, which would innately be more capable of representing more voices more accurately, and it would spark a fiery debate in America on the nature of democracy and its relationship to representation. It was out of such fiery debates that ideas took root and formed a new nation, which at its birth gave its citizens more say in what their government did than any other nation on Earth. We the people of New Mexico will have that again!

Since we do not wish to burden this petition with a long justification for the ratification of Article the First, and as we live in the modern age, we offer up the following sites that presently address this issue.

Wikipedia offers a concise explanation of Article the First.

Naturally it will take a dedication to democracy our nation has not seen in a long time for our law makers to refresh the root of democracy by diluting their own individual power and influence, but what can we say, “Democracy: you’re either for it, or against it!”

Why is this important?

There is only only one way for people to take back our government, and that is by putting more authentic representative voices in it. The irony is that the very first proposed amendment to our constitution, Article the First, would have created a far more vibrant and democratic republic, than we have presently. Read, research, and sign this petition to refresh the republic with real democracy!

New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, and Kentucky have already ratified the proposed Amendment to the Constitution, let’s do likewise!