To: Mayor Jean Quan

Re-Call Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

We the undersigned convey that we support the re-call of the Mayor of Oakland California, Jean Quan.

Why is this important?

Oakland California Mayor Jean Quan has decided to use tear gas on her constituents over choosing repsonsibility and constructive leadership. Mayor Quan's failure to protect an American's most basic right under the Constitution, the right to assemble, earns her a Re-Call. Do you Love your country? I do! Please sign today!!!


Reasons for signing

  • I was shocked at the excessive use of force shown by the city of Oakland. Oakland has had many horrible bloody riots. The occupy Oakland was not one of them. I fully suport an immediate recall of the Mayor of Oakland before further harm is done to the residents.
  • This is absurd. This crap happens in China, it should NOT be happening here. What a pathetic worthless governor.
  • What has happened in Oakland is abhorrent. The bill of rights establishes that whomever called this raid should be jailed under crimes against humanity and abuse. We are the people. We hold the power.