To: Laurence Taylor, Mr. and President Donald Trump

Re list All US Wolf Population NOW

Really Faulty science was used for this decision. I feel the Administration sold out to pressure from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Washington to secure votes in these statues. The US Governments action in this injustice was criminal.

Why is this important?

The stupid caving in to lies from Wyoming ranchers. See Earth Justice facts that the predation of livestock per Wyoming, Utah Colarado ranches was all the responsibility of Wolves. FACT of the 1400 +/- fatalities in the study only 26 were actually proven killed by wolves. This is a lesser number than the Lying Farmers/Rancher's own dogs killed.


Reasons for signing

  • Please relist wolves before they are all once again tortured & murdered
  • Please re-list all US wolf population now . Please the US government action in this injustice was criminal. This is a lesser number than the Lying Farmers / Rancher's own dogs killed . Thank you
  • Stop killing the Wolves.

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