To: Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney

Recall County Attorney Sheila Polk

Sheila Polk has ignored the will and voice of the Yavapai/Arizona voters and has placed her own agenda at the forefront of her political capmpaign. We are petitioning to have her recalled immediatly.

Why is this important?

County Attorney Sheila Polk has repeatedly ignored the will and voice of the people she works for. Sheila and her office want to shut down Cannabis completly in Arizona completly contradicting the voters wishes! Call to Action to remove her!


Reasons for signing

  • One by one as other industrialized countries around the world legalize marijuana Sheila Polk goes the opposite way against the wishes of her constituents. She’s out of control and needs to be replaced.
  • She's fanatical. Does not represent democracy
  • She needs to go and she needs to go now.

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