To: Governor John Bel Edwards

Recall Governor Bobby Jindal and/or Demand His Resignation

If you are a registered voter in the state of Louisiana, please sign this petition to recall Governor Bobby Jindal.

Why is this important?

Governor Bobby Jindal recently signed an executive order declaring a "religious freedom" act that allows businesses to discriminate against people on the basis of religious beliefs only hours after the Louisiana legislature shot down a bill that attempted to do the same thing, House Bill 707. The act particularly targets the LGBT community in the state of Louisiana and is a veiled attempt to allow open bigotry in the state.

Jindal also passed a legislative bill which prevents Louisiana public entities from suing oil and gas companies. He has sold out his own state for personal interests.

While this petition is mostly symbolic, please sign in order to send a clear message to Governor Jindal that this state will not be held hostage for his political grandstanding and personal ambitions.