To: The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

Recall Mike Pence

Mike Pence has taken the state hostage and gone against the will of millions of Hoosiers. Beware the tyranny of the majority. Sign up for a recall election.

Why is this important?

Too many voices have been silenced by Mike Pence and the state legislature. Sign up to be heard in the Hoosier state! Move the state forward and not back.


Reasons for signing

  • Please reopen all schools, bars & restaurants, shops & malls, personal services, parks & recreation centers, Sports spectators, activities and large parties & gatherings, weddings & marriages and other services. Economy & Jobs, Religious Facilities, Live Entertainment. Returning back to all cities, countries and all states around the world. Road to reopening your small businesses and economy recovery, Reopen all indoor & outdoor dining, slowly getting things back to normal.
  • *Shame* please *RESING* & stop hurting America with all of your *LIES* & *crimes* & you a Christian???
  • Remember Pence was wanted, chosen by Paul Manafort as VP for Trump!! All are lawless!!!!!!!!