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To: Sen. Ron Johnson

Senator Ron Johnson: Resign!

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson must resign for his involvement in the attacks on our democracy.

Why is this important?

He does not represent the citizens of Wisconsin, and continues to perpetuate the idea that the 2020 Presidential election was fraudulent. This devalues his constituents votes and their voices to be heard. His motives are dangerous to our Democracy as a whole, and disgraceful to the citizens of Wisconsin.


Reasons for signing

  • He is out of touch with reality and the citizens of WI. He cares only about his political hide and re-election, which by the way he said he would not run again. Lets make sure he is gone.
  • Wrong Johnson needs to be held accountable for his irresponsible actions and for not doing what he was voted into office for which is working for the people of Wisconsin.
  • Ron Johnson is also to blame for the unrest at the capitol today that resulted in chaos and a death He sits on Homeland security and protesters should not be able to just attack the White house. Please resign Senator


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