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To: Sen. Ted Cruz (TX-2)

Recall Senator Ted Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz,
We the people believe you have forgotten who you work for.....So, we're going to remind you by recalling you. Your radical politics is not good for Texas or the Country!

Why is this important?

To recall Senator Ted Cruz for dereliction of duty as an elected official.


Reasons for signing

  • Ted Cruz misled Americans into thinking that the results of the 2020 election could be fraudulent, and that the election could be overturned. His actions were irresponsible, and arguably seditious. He had a responsibility to tell Americans the truth, instead he allowed lies to take root and sow doubt in our democracy. He shows no fealty to the the Constitution or democratic values. He is not a public servant. He is a self-servant, blinded by ambition and easily swayed by the winds of power.
  • It’s easy and Texas needs this
  • He’s a coward and doesn’t deserve to represent Texas!


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20,000 signatures reached

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