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To: Todd Masonis and Dandelion Chocolate Company

Recall the Mission9 of Dandelion Chocolate SF

Recall the Mission9 of Dandelion Chocolate SF

The Dandelion Union calls on our local community and beyond for support in our effort to immediately recall the 9 terminated and laid-off workers.

Why is this important?

On Wednesday 6/2 and Thursday 6/3, 9 employees were terminated or laid off. All 9 of these employees were outspoken supporters of the Dandelion Chocolate Union (DCU). All 9 of them were part of the DCU Organizing Committee. 2 employees had testified in front of the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) in our post-election hearing two weeks prior. No workers who were vocally not in support of the union were laid off and remain employed.

We believe this is no accident.

It's obvious to us that these actions were taken in order to prevent us from exercising our rights to form a union and weaken our impact. It was made to scare and intimidate the current workers, to prevent them from the organizing effort.

If this truly isn't possible because of company finances, the workers want your commitment - in writing - to give top priority to these 9 employees when hiring for open positions as finances are improved and stable.
All of us are dedicated workers that care about our craft and truly want to make the company a better place with proper infrastructure and support.

We know the work. We are committed to Dandelion.

The only reason to not recall all of us would be an attempt to silence the workforce from exercising their rights to unionize.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

- The Dandelion Chocolate Employee Union -- #RecallMission9


Reasons for signing

  • Dandelion does not need a union! The don't have the votes
  • I love Dandelion Chocolate. I have been buying it since they first started selling at the Mission Farmer’s Market. The artisans who make and serve this amazing chocolate deserve to be treated with dignity and fair working conditions. Reinstate the Mission 9 and negotiate in good faith!
  • If employers get rid of workers for practicing their protected rights, then what hope does anyone have with out a strong union in their corner. Todd, this was wrong, bring back the Mission 9 and treat your workers fairly. The last thing you want is more (true) racism accusations after getting rid of the POCs who don't just bow to the boss. You say bad press and a drawn out process are the worst thing that could happen to Dandelion, but all you do is generate both.


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