To: The Maine State House, The Maine State Senate, and Governor Janet Mills

Impeach Governor Paul LePage

Governor Paul LePage's policies are clearly not in line with the law or the will of the voting citizens in Maine, and he must be held accountable.

Why is this important?

The Governor of Maine is using his executive powers to circumvent the will of the people of Maine by withholding bond monies to extort the ability to harvest wood from our state forests. He has indicated a desire to change the constitution in an effort to prevent future administrations from ever changing legislation he implements.  
Many of these changes are unsupported by the attorney general because they are not legal. As a result, he wishes to change the system so that the attorney general is no longer part of the legislative process as it now stands. 

Now, it's come to light that Governor Paul LePage blackmailed a private, nonprofit school for at-risk youth into firing one of his political opponents.

By his own admission, he threatened to cut state funding for the Good Will-Hinckley school because it hired Democratic House Speaker Mark Eves to be its president. The school in turn fired Speaker Eves.

Four Maine lawmakers, including a Republican, two independents, and one Democrat, have formally requested that the Legislature's oversight committee launch a formal investigation. Attorney General Janet Mills said she is “very troubled” by the governor's actions. The Portland Press Herald, our state's largest newspaper, has called on the Legislature to consider impeachment.

Unless new facts emerge that somehow absolve the governor despite his own admissions, he should be impeached and tried in the state Senate. It's time to hold Gov. LePage accountable.


Reasons for signing

  • Impeach her! She does not have Maine's best interest at heart!
  • LePage has got to go. How can Maine allow itself to be run by a tyrant? Why are we continuing to be held down, to be subjected to this man's brand of fascism? Enough is enough, already.

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