To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Require the following by 2025 and put the programs and incentives in place to make it happen. The whole country, businesses and public both would be fully engaged just like in WWII including making sacrifices(rationing) as necessary.
 5 KW photovoltaic systems on 50% of all single family dwellings that are higher than 50 feet above sea level(or the high water mark of the nearest river)
 15 KW photovoltaic systems on 50% of multi-family dwellings of 2 units or more higher than 50 feet above sea level(or the high water mark of the nearest river)
 Solar hot water units on 50% of all family dwellings
 1 all electric car per household to be used as the main commuter vehicle for the household
 Install one thousand, 1000 MW photovoltaic sun farms in the south western U.S.
 Reduce air conditioning demand by 25% by use of natural cooling techniques
 Install one hundred 1 million gallon per day desalinization plants on each coast and 50 on the gulf with pipeline distribution systems similar to natural gas
 Construct new biosphere style cities inland for the millions of people that will be displaced from coastal areas when the sea level rises
 Move more people back to farms to ensure a quality food supply planted, cultivated and harvested sustainably
 Plant crops, vegetation and trees further north to adjust for the temperature rise
 Change the age limit for driving to 18 and a High School diploma and add proficiency tests for people over 70, this will increase demand for public transportation and decrease energy demand)
 Elect and appoint people to work on these goals that will have the spiritual and bodily strength to make the hard decisions
 Reduce consumption of seafood and beef by 75% to decrease the destructive demand on the natural resources (eat chicken and tofu for protein)

This will keep people employed either with business or in public service implementing this plan. High School graduates would serve 2 years in a job corps supporting these items. Companies, groups and individuals that campaign against this plan to stop using fossil fuels and reduce the impact on climate change would be held accountable.

By 2050:
 Connect all 48 state Capitals(Hawaii is obviously out, Alaska can be included if practical) with 200 MPH commuter trains.
 Increase photovoltaic and solar hot water systems on residences to 75%
 Increase the number of desalinization plants by 25%

Why is this important?

The Game Plan to Save Humanity