To: President Donald Trump


A major issue - Child Protective Services should not be allowed to submit allegations to the Court unless backed by documented proof.

Restructure CPS to be a win/win for all which includes Federal, State, CPS and Families.

Why is this important?

The Department of Children and Families should be restructured. Families are grieving due to no fault of their own and are left helpless. Judges should not be allowed to accept allegations from CPS unless it is backed by documented proof. I lost my case with CPS based on their ability to present false allegations based on lies. Now CPS has barred me and my husband from all family contact with the children and the Case is being closed out for adoption. I am asking for reform and to use my story as an example of how this government agency operates.


Reasons for signing

  • They stole my children with lies and allegations.
  • I am having issues getting my 4 children from my Grandmother because cps says so, I have full custody of all 4 children but I'm not allowed to have my children! I grew up dealing with cps and my life was hell, and now my children are going through some of the same issues, Please help stop the damages cps causes to undeserving families!!!
  • this is something that is long overdue ,, many innocent parents and children are being separated with the idea that cps puts families back together ,, and that is far far from the truth, investigations need done as well as the restructuring on cps. i hope and pray that Trump listens and does something about cps . many families are pleaing and need desperately to be heard and the knowledge needs to be out to the public about exposing cps for what they really are...