To: The Indiana State House, The Indiana State Senate, and Governor Eric Holcomb

Reform of Marijuana Law

Remove current state penalties for the use, possession, and distribution of marijuana. Place marijuana in a category such as alcohol or tobacco where a user must be over 21 years of age, limit possessable amounts, and have been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition for the use of cannabis as alternative medication. Devise a taxing schedule for marijuana sales to open new revenue for the state.

Why is this important?

This petition has been created to help others suffering from medical conditions when current medications do not work and the use of the cannabis plant may provide relief. As the creator of this petition, I personally have experienced multiple times when traditional prescription medications fail to provide relief from my ailments (anxiety, insomnia, ADHD). Working in nursing has shown areas where traditional Medecine lacks or it's side effects outweigh the benefits, and with your help we can bring forward an all natural SAFE alternative to pharmaceutical prescription medications.