To: The Missouri State House, The Missouri State Senate, and Governor Mike Parson

Reform Sex Offender Laws

Urge your Representative and Senator to reform the Missouri Sex Offender Laws.

Why is this important?

Currently in Missouri and across the country, sex offenders are put on a Public Registry for Life that allows anybody to see where they live, work, their car information, etc. Sex Offenders live in fear that their neighbor, employer or anyone else can target them, even when they have served their time and paid for their crime. Their basic civil rights are being abused and they daily face "unusual and cruel punishment" from these laws currently on the books. HB1700 is currently in the MO House of Representatives for a vote soon. It is a law to change who is on the Registry and for how long. The worst and most violent criminals will remain for the longest time. A board consisting of qualified professionals will conduct risk assessments to determine which of the Tier Levels a sex offender is placed on and that will determine how long one is on the Registry.


Reasons for signing

  • Everyone deserves a second chance to do the right thing and live a better life
  • My alleged crime occurred in florida in 1990. Because of tge lame representatiin i was given by tge public defender i was forced threatened and coerced into a plea agreement. No mention of any registration requirement as no laws concerning this even existed. However i have been forced off and on for over 25 years under threat of arrest to comply. I committed no crime and have committed no crimes ever. Now i am being told i must move because the place i have been living for 3 years is within a...
  • This is a epidemic of out of control proportions! Tiering system was put into play and misused. No one is immune to this happening to them. All it takes is one accusation no matter who you are and you are here fighting a fight several others are fighting. I hear all the time I am sorry you are going through this but I'm not comfortable helping. Statistics show that the majority of other offenses reoffend. Where are there rules stating a conviction of robbery cannot live near banks or stores? ...