To: The Utah State House

Reformning the Alford Plea (Deal)

When a person commits a crime against a child, and they plea quilty, but under the Alford Plea, even though the State most likely will get a "guilty" verdict, then that denfendant plea, "Guilty" but only under the Alford Plea, this is even a more emotionally draining upset to the victim and to the family. Either they did it or they didn't. Don't let them further victimize the victim and his/her family. The Alford Plea should never be allowed when it involves a child.

Why is this important?

When the Defendant in a trial is accused of harming a child (17 and under) whether it be from sexual and/or physical harm, and the State has an overwhelming amount of evidence against the Defendant to convict if it goes to trial...and the said Denfendant decides to enter a plea, that they not be allowed to enter that plea under the Alford Plea.