To: The Utah State House

Reformning the Alford Plea (Deal)

When a person commits a crime against a child, and they plea quilty, but under the Alford Plea, even though the State most likely will get a "guilty" verdict, then that denfendant plea, "Guilty" but only under the Alford Plea, this is even a more emotionally draining upset to the victim and to the family. Either they did it or they didn't. Don't let them further victimize the victim and his/her family. The Alford Plea should never be allowed when it involves a child.

Why is this important?

When the Defendant in a trial is accused of harming a child (17 and under) whether it be from sexual and/or physical harm, and the State has an overwhelming amount of evidence against the Defendant to convict if it goes to trial...and the said Denfendant decides to enter a plea, that they not be allowed to enter that plea under the Alford Plea.


Reasons for signing

  • Victims of child abuse are subjected to a neverending nightmare knowing that their monster has only a few years behind bars, and then they will be back. How can this be allowed to happen? There is no justice these cases and is not aligned with the purpose of the Alford Plea. Child abusers should NOT be allowed to take these plea deals.
  • In my opinion this law is unjust regarding ANY act toward a child or adult as far as that goes. Coward's way out.
  • Children should always be protected....