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To: Mayor Eric Adams, NYC Conflict of Interest Board

Reject Eric Adams Appointing His Brother in Virginia as Deputy Police Commissioner

Reject Eric Adams Appointing His Brother in Virginia as Deputy Police Commissioner

New Yorkers are tired of nepotism and cronyism. Furthermore, it is illegal, but unscrupulous politicians find a workaround. Eric Adams must not appoint his little brother, who has spent the last 15 yrs. approx in a small rural town in Virginia managing parking operations for a small college — to a title of NYC Deputy Police Commissioner — a job that comes with a $240,000 salary — nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Out of 9 Million people living and working in New York, it is unfathomable that there isn’t another person qualified for this job and who has rightly earned it.

While the National Media has covered this as it was revealed on January 7th, 2022 — this local article says it all:

Why is this important?

New Yorkers have had enough. We didn’t like when De Blasio did this, and we didn’t like it when Trump did it either. We are not going to let every single mayor take us for morons, when they are acting dishonorably, thinking we will stand for this nonsense & corruption.

Eric Adams appears to want to present that he has “higher standards” than what we’ve seen in the past — but this is the same old, same old.

We must make it stop. Today.



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Hi Everyone -
Thanks for singing the petition. Email to your friends and post to social media. Your efforts have an impact! You may have seen that due to the public’s pushback + collective outrage, the mayor “downgraded” his brother’s salary, by a mere, tokenized $30K. (An insult to the taxpayers of NYC.) Everyone in NYC knows, that’s nothing. (And that the brother will make that up and more, in city overtime bonus wages.) It is still a gifted, illegal, $210K per year job, for a longtime out-of-state resident, who is obviously not the most qualified for the job, and not a New Yorker. (He’s the Mayor’s brother. That is the main qualification cited by the Mayor.) We are asking that you please take a moment to send your complaints to the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board who still has to make a ruling on this illegal hiring. Here is the link. It only takes a minute: Thanks for your efforts and for using your voices…!

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