To: Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Mayor, Orange County, Florida, Commissioner Edwards, Commissioner, Orange County, Florida, Commissioner Thompson, Commissioner, Orange County, Florida, Commissioner Siplin, Commissioner, Orange County, Florida, Commi...

Reject Orange County, Florida, Land Use Map Amendment #2015-2-A-1-4 and Place Land in Permanent C...

We urge you to reject this land use map amendment and protect this undisturbed natural land as a permanent conservation preserve by way of public or private acquisition and placement into the Orange County Green Place program or private land conservation trust.

Why is this important?

Summary: Property owner/developer seeks amendment to Orange County Florida Comprehensive Plan to change Greenbelt and Wetland Conservation designations to Estate Home District permitting up to 140 homes on land currently approved for 12 single-family homes. As one of the last remaining undisturbed natural areas in western Orange County, Florida, this land is a key segment of a regional wildlife corridor and provides critical diverse habitat for native and migrating wildlife including species of conservation concern, threatened and endangered status including Florida Black Bear and American Bald Eagles. The best use of this land is as a permanent conservation preserve for the benefit of future generations and preservation of our unique natural Florida environment.


Reasons for signing

  • One of the very(very!) few things central Florida is doing to protect and sustain the habitats for its indigenous wildlife is the corridor which allows for migrations safely throughout Florida. To introduce yet another large-scale development in an area that will fracture this corridor would be disastrous and irresponsible. I’ve lived in Orlando my entire life and I’ve watched as developers have destroyed every stitch of green space for more commercial and residential growth at an alarming r...
  • reject the land use map amendment and protect the undisturbed natural land as a permanent conservation preserve.
  • This city needs to stop the urban sprawl that plagues this region. Boundaries need to be established to keep growth in check.

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